BukuSteez Outsider EP: PREVIEW

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Nashville rapper, BukuSteez (above), has begun to build a substantial buzz on Soundcloud and other internet platforms as his collaborations with artists such as Young Bans and Maaly Raw have seen success digitally. Riding on this wave, BukuSteez is poised to drop his second official project.

Due up in mid-late October, Steez is releasing a six track EP entitled, “Outsider.”

As for the title, BukuSteez remarked, “Yeah, the whole outsider shit is something really personal to me. I’ve always had a lot of homies and people around me but never really cliqued up with a group of people super heavy or anything and when I did I was usually always still on some different shit then the people I was around. So I always felt like an Outsider amongst friends cause most people were never really thinking the same way I was, and I also think that’s relatable for a lot of people, its generally associated with something dark or being a loser or some shit but I think it’s really about doing what the fuck you like and if you’re a real person people are gonna rock with you regardless. That’s what being an outsider is to me.”

The project features multiple local rappers and producers such as J Doughblay, Lil Bruh Davis, Evan G, and Juugstar, and another artist he wasn’t willing to disclose quite yet, but this feature is surely the most anticipated of the tape.

BukuSteez said that the sound of the project will be reminiscent to other songs he has released in the past, while experimenting with different vibes he discovered while recording. He wishes to create darker vibes and encapsulate the deeper feelings he experiences in his life.

The Nashville artist additionally claimed that each song could stand alone as a single, something very exciting for all of the listeners looking for new music to put on the aux cord.

You can access BukuSteez content at the following links:

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