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I would like to preface this by saying that I am tremendously excited for this project.

Big Youth (above, right) is definitely something special. He has a sound like nobody else in Nashville. His melodic mumble rap, style inter-spruced with deep lyrical tastes makes for very easy listening. In a city with a boom-bap sound with a Three-Six twist, Big Youth stands alone riding on a new wave. This sound is reminiscent of early Soundcloud vibes, and his innovative style WILL take over the city soon.

This is Youth’s first full length project, entitled PunkMix Vol. 1. The album’s title perfectly encapsulates the artist’s aesthetic vibes. Not only a rap artist, Big Youth is also a stylist in the Nashville (and New York for that matter) area, furthering his aesthetic value even more.

As for his mixtape, Big Youth said, “Punk Mix Vol.1. Sum like 10 tracks. All produced by Evan G. (pictured, left) Pretty much a project about our projection. It’s a emotional album. Lots of ups and downs. A lot about who I am as a person and who I am as an artist. It’s a juxtaposition of morality and fate. Who becomes who for what reasons? Lookin’ into the music lets people evolve theory, understand themselves, and gain insight of my world. Where I’m from. What made me create. It’s all me bro. Shit sounds poppy and mainstream but there. on god, is some of the most fluid thoughts I’ve had in my life. Introspective. Moving forward without propellers. Ground up type shit. See who I am. Ya dig?”

The tape has zero features. This is one hundred percent expression from an artist who cares more about quality than monetary gain.

I think this release will revolutionize the Nashville music scene. I believe in Big Youth.

The project is slated to drop in late November.

You can check out Big Youth’s music here:


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