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(Photo: Evan Mattigly)

Music City Underground had the privilege of talking with Bowling Green rapper, Gee, of the group Park Mobb.

His music is simple, and fun. He doesn’t overly complicate things trying to be superficially deep with his lyrics. Its easy to listen to and never boring. If you’re at a party, or at work, his music always fits. He has been able to accumulate a significant Soundcloud following, with over 250,000 streams on his body of work.

Music City Underground: Why do you make music?

Gee: I make music bc I love it more than anything in this world. My pops made music, my sister danced, so in a way I’m kinda keeping the torch lit until I can pass it to someone else. it’s just the culture in general and the happiness music can bring people that keeps me going.

Music City Underground: How did you start rapping?

Gee: I actually made an anthem song for my high school. It was TRASH. I didn’t take it seriously but I got so much negative feedback from people saying shit like “don’t rap” or “u can’t rap” so I was kinda just like “ok well I’m good as shit at writing poetry so lemme make a legit track, no anthem, and blow some people’s minds” and that’s exactly what I did. I caught the bug and here I am now 6 years later.

Music City Underground: What projects have you released?

Gee: I have roughly about 40 songs on my SoundCloud page “Gee”. I’ve been the other half/counter part to a collab EP. I have 4 music videos on YouTube and 2 of them completely produced by me.

Music City Underground: What do you plan on releasing?

Gee: I actually just joined a rap group called Park MoBB and we are starting a collab album. I have 4 singles im currently booking studio time for. And I have my first solo EP “The Beginning” done completely, I’m just debating release dates/where I wanna drop it. I also have a handful of little side projects that I’m doing with local artists.

Music City Underground: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Gee: Eminem easy is number one. I’d have to say Russ, Brockhampton, Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne.

Music City Underground: How do you see the rap scene growing in Nashville?

Gee: I think rap/hip hop are taking over in general EVERYWHERE. And that’s what Nashville is, “Music City” so I think it’s gonna take the city by storm and it’s gonna fit in just fine.

Check out Gee’s music here:


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