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Hip Hop and streetwear go hand in hand. Back as early as the 90s brands like Rocawear, LRG, FUBU, Coogi, and even Supreme saturated the newly booming hip-hop market on the streets of New York. Since rap’s inception in the early 1980s, dressing well has always been a top priority for artists who needed to look the part to be taken seriously.

Hasan Asalman is the owner of Old Daze clothing and he is doing his best to outfit Nashville’s modern influencers, musicians, and hustlers.

His designs are striking, yet simple. Aesthetically he almost eerily mirrors early Superrradical style designs. He balances graphics and messages with a healthy amount of logo tees and simple and elegant scripts, and has effectively marketed his brand to both entertainers and locals. Old Daze clothing is one drop away from robing the whole city.

Music City Underground had the honor of talking with Hasan.

Music City Underground: How did you get into designing clothes?

Hasan Asalman: I create clothes because I am a creative person! This is an outlet for me! And honestly its mainly from popular demand, the people basically asked for my creativity on wardrobe!
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Music City Underground: How did you get into streetwear in particular?

Hasan Asalman: Honestly what got me into fashion… I’d say my own styles stages I went through while growing up. In middle school wearing skinnies and torn band tees with straps going everywhere (Lip Service,Cheap Monday inspired)
everything at hot topic!whatever made me stand out and made everyone look. Kinda wanted to be an eye sore haha. Then to growing out of that stage into my skating phase where I wore basically street style clothing (skinny straight pants, ALOT of corduroys in literally every shade, and plenty of flannels and bandanas) those are the days haha!
Shit, during high school I didn’t really have money to buy clothes so I made my own. Literally taking blank tees and pants and spray painting stencils I made onto them what was I thinking?

Music City Underground: What message do you hope to convey via your brand and your designs?

Hasan Asalman:  Man the message Old Daze gets across is it’s a new style everyone’s finally realizing. A modern gothic/trap/druggie feel. Styles and stages of my life I’ve went through ! Basically I want to introduce the culture I love, into one.
Throwing goth dark emo vibe into modern skate street wear. Imagine a Lil Uzi Vert, Sahbabii, Trippie Red & Zillakami to Marilyn Manson Green Day type of feel.

Music City Underground: What is your favorite piece you have made thus far?

Hasan Asalman: My favorite piece I’ve ever made would have to be my recently released “FRENEMIES” long sleeve/Hoodie (optional). It really explains ALOT of situations that have happened in my life, and that have put me in the current position I’m in at the moment.

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Music City Underground: What can we expect to see in future drops?

Hasan Asalman: What to expect from my future drops…. fire.
I don’t know how or what to explain I just know I’m a creator and whatever I make will be loved by the masses.

Music City Underground: Would you ever hope to collaborate with any other Nashville brands?

Hasan Asalman:  It’s hard to work with other brands in Nashville, simply because we’re not the same. And honestly my environment isn’t really fond of working together.
I’ve got a couple other brands talking to be about collabs from across America to other countries, but we’re going to keep that on hush mode until further notice. But yes collabs in the future haha!

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Music City Underground: What artists have been seen sporting your merchandise?

Hasan Asalman: The artist that have my clothing… I can’t name them all on the top of my head but one of my good friends Yung Bans, Steve Aoki, Ben West, BukuSteez, EddyNiz, Tre Stoner, ThatGuySoda, Casper LaVeau and my good friend Walt Flames!

Music City Underground: What are your favorite brands and designers?

Hasan Asalman: I would say my favorites would have to rotate around Rick Owens, Balmain, Evisu, DSQUARED2, Comme Des Garcons, CHEAP MONDAY, Supreme, Palace Skateboards, A Bathing ape, Lip Service and my top favorite would have to be Old Daze Clothing, I heard they were coming up.

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