Terrence615 Talks Recording Process, “F4LL” EP, and More.

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Rap has entered a new shift in paradigm. Until recent memory rap was dominated by bars punctuated with clever or moving lyrical quips, but in this new rap universe an artist’s worth was determined by the energy he delivered and the melodies he constructed.

Terrence615 is fully cognizant of this new reality and delivers tremendously positive and hypnotic energy over his tracks. He has efficiently combined whimsical lyrics interlaced between spacey 808 beats and entrancing and spellbinding melodies and refrains.

This new, almost completely artificial style is the future of rap music, not only for how prolific and well-received it has turned out, but also for the easy accessibility and production of the product.

He has begun to pick up traction via the internet and caught my eye with his collaboration with local heavy hitter BukuSteez. Terrence recently debuted his new EP “F4LL,” and I had the distinct privilege of interviewing the young artist over his new release and much more.

Music City Underground: How did you first become interested in rap music?

Terrence615: Melodies. Honestly how I got so interested in music is because I would be driving and listening to songs then out of nowhere come up with different melodies in my head, not just some boom bap bars, real melodies. It sparked something in me that was like “I wonder what it would be like if I really tried to write music.”  And here we are today.

Music City Underground: Who most inspires you from a musical standpoint?

Terrence615: The people who most inspire me in music are lil uzi because of his energy and smooth melodic rhythms, Nav because of his laid back style, & Childish Gambino because of his diversity & uniqueness. Even though he doesn’t make music as heavily he was my first big inspiration.

Music City Underground: What is Humble Days clothing?

Terrence615: Humble Days Clothing is my fashion company that I started about 4 years ago. I’ve always had a humble outlook, that’s just me. So I decided to create something that really puts being humble out there while still knowing your high potential. This is where the brands mission statement “Know Your Worth + Remain Humble” is derived from. I want people to see that it is possible to stay humble and still get what you want in life.

Music City Underground: What does the recording process look like for you?

Terrence615: So the recording process for me is pretty mapped out. I usually already have a song wrote when I show up to the stu, if not then I at least have a hook and I’ll write the verses. First I’ll vibe to the beat over the speakers a bit just to get my pitch correct and get my mind right. Once I get on the mic, I start with the hook/chorus, throw in ad libs, and then more layers if I feel like it. After that I do the same process with the verses and then hit the outro. To be real, the outro is usually my favorite part because I’m 110% in the mood of the song at that point and I feel the energy of what I just did.

Music City Underground: Tell us about your new EP.

Terrence615: The mood of my new tape “F4LL” pronounced FALL 4 is a mixture of emotional, spacey, melodic, night  sounds. Those moods are pretty much how I feel about fall weather. I named the tape “F4LL” because it’s Fall (obviously), has 4 songs, and the name can also play a different meaning as to “what you fall for (4)” or what inspires you. I like putting a twist on things and still making them simple at the same time.

Music City Underground: What’s up next for Terrence615?

Terrence615: What’s next for me? To focus on my clothing, design, and music and take it all to the next level. I’ve never performed my music live before so that’s something big for me that might be coming soon. Also my winter collection will be releasing in late December!

Music City Underground: What are your sentiments towards the Nashville rap scene and climate?

Terrence615:  I would say my feelings towards the rap scene in Nashville are light hearted, open minded and supportive. Even though the scene isn’t as big as country music yet, I think it could get there with all the talent and drive that the rappers I know seem to have. It seems that more rap/hip hop artists are emerging here in Nashville but yet the media coverage isn’t as prominent which is why I really respect this opportunity. I support the rap scene even if I don’t necessarily vibe to all of the music being put out. I can still respect the artist who is unique and doing it for the love because I believe that’s what will really turn Nashville on to rap.


Check out Terrence615’s music:

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