Rocky Block Profile and “Lover” EP Review

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“Not all who wander are lost.”


Rocky Block is a delightfully youthful alternative singer, who grew up directly in the middle of the area that he now entrances with his melodies of adolescence and gradually lost innocence from the heartbreak that can only be inflicted by first loves.

His style is distinctly Nashville. Long hair flowing down to his shoulders giving off a hippie chic that makes him identical to the same hippies that came to the city to play fifty years ago. The carefree bastardization of folk outerwear intertwined with elements of streetwear perfectly sum up the postmodern feel of the present, and coincidentally his music does the same. He looks like he has been superimposed in Green Hills from an old photo at Woodstock, but still remains distinctly modern while paying homage.

His voice doesn’t match his exterior. He speaks with a whimsical flutter that quickly takes over all of those around him with a flurry of positivity. The Bible even says “the meek shall inherit the Earth,” and while this may never come true, this meek gentleman hailing from Hillsboro High School just might inherit the new Nashville music scene.


Every one of his songs seems to revolve around the same distinct central topic of lost or fleeting love, and leads to the enchantment of anyone privileged enough to catch the notes sung. His recent EP, “Lover,” titled after one of the songs on the project, is Block’s first full length production and melts the hearts of it’s onlookers for its entirety.

With his debut catalogue in distribution, Rocky Block is primed to take over this distinct heartfelt indie niche, occupied by mainstream artists like The Head and the Heart. All he needs now is time. His sound has taken a firm grip upon social media as well as local venues, which he frequents frequently.

He is the perfect synecdoche for the Nashville youth. Fiercely gentle and equally passionate, and true to both what came before him and intensely set upon forging their own path.

Rocky Block will be a superstar, in our city and beyond.

Check out a sample of Rocky’s music:


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