Eddy Niz Talks #ShopMusic, Influences, and What’s Next

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His songs are not a portrait of our city’s streets, but rather a stream of consciousness narration of the trials and tribulations of the inner-city, highlighted by the victories that are unfortunately all too rare nowadays. Eddy Niz is a musical pioneer, fabricating his own genre and style contributing to the new formation of Nashville’s urban sound. Shop Music, Niz’s creation and original design, serves as Nashville’s most authentic representation of street-life and in itself is a verbal documentary and guided tour through trapping and trials he has braved. I had the honor of discussing with Eddy Niz his sound, influences, and inspirations.

Music City Underground: How did you begin rapping?

Eddy Niz: I started writing before I ever rapped anything verbally , i was in a creative writing class and we had to read whatever we wrote out to the class , I always seemed to catch people’s attention with my stories like the class looked forward to it after a while . I never really seen my self as a being a rapper or anything when I was younger. then when I got in like 7th or 8th grade me and friends would like punchline rap on the bus back home from school but like versus each other kinda like a two bar rap yo mama type thing , then afterward me and LBD (Lil bruh Davis) and the rest of my SSGYSG boys would get high after school and freestyle our asses off that was my first real taste at being over beats and rapping.

Music City Underground: What artists influence your style and sound most?

Eddy Niz: Mmm… I try not to be too heavily influenced because there’s a thin line between admiration and obsession you know ? If I notice myself being too heavily influenced I’ll just listen to myself for a while or a whole nother genre of music but to answer your question I would say my biggest influences are Lil Wayne , j cole, Travis Scott , A$AP Rocky and OutKast.


Music City Underground: What is Shop Music and how did you come up with it?

Eddy Niz: Shop music is a vision me and my bro Wrist came up with one night as him and by other good homie Uncle wiz cooked beats and we freestyled for like two hours and decided like the same way they have love music or elevator music when your riding an elevator or all different genres of music we need our own genre something for the young entrepreneur to their call their own whether they be trappers robbers or whatever they do we wanted to give them something to REALLY ride to and count up to. And to SHOP to ….. SHOP MUSIC.  It’s still in the works and it’s been in the works for a really long time I want to co-lab with a lot of artist on shop music I still haven’t worked with yet I got some HUGE features but I want more not only from like major or popular artist either I want features from certain artist that are here in Nashville as well , a lot of em. It’s just all about finding the time to do it. I’m slightly a busy guy. I don’t answer the phone a lot my friends will vouch for that one.

Music City Underground: Do you think that Shop Music could emerge as Nashville’s dominant style and sound?

Eddy Niz: Shit, I’m not like planing a take over or anything but like I said I want to work with ALOT of different artist and producers and the it might become a popular sound or wave and take over but it’s not gunna be like me taking over or getting on it’ll be like everybody , all of us on the project especially the producers , there are so many underrated producers in Nashville it’s mind blowing . producers in the music industry already don’t get enough credit anyway but some of my homies like juugstarbam and finesse2x and especially the top producer in my corner Topper Atwood are lacing me up with some fire unique sounds . Kinda undeniably!
So I’m pretty sure it’ll be a lot of people rocking with us. Thank you in advance haha.

Music City Underground: What’s up next for Eddy Niz?

Eddy Niz: Movies 🙂 hahaha I want to show the whole world how viral this Shop Music shit really is. The life we life blessed one , so many people duck with me and they haven’t seen SHIT so when I release these visuals… it’s gunna hurt hahah.

Music City Underground: How do you feel about the Nashville rap scene as a whole?

Eddy Niz:  I mean I honestly don’t know how to feel you know ? I feel just like I felt when I played AAU basketball with a team full of niggas that could have made it to the NBA but all the inner drama and animosity and swagger jacking that went on we couldn’t even make it to the playoffs…. I guess what I’m tryna say is we got it and it’s just a matter of time but When we do pop I want us to be like Atlanta where 80% of the artist fuck with each other genuinely and not whatever we got going on in Nashville.  a lot of artist fuck with me and show me love but it’s a few who won’t even acknowledge me. I don’t look at it as fuck em , I just keep it moving and do my own thing. I love Nashville and I wouldn’t even be having this interview if it wasn’t for the way my city fucked with me the longgggggg way. Nothing but love for everybody on my end.

Check out Eddy Niz music here:

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  1. Just wanted to say how positive and inspiring Eddy Niz is. People love your energy and your heart is made of gold. Keep up the good work! #SHOPPPP


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