FXNESSE2X Talks Balancing Producing and Rapping, Favorite Songs

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In today’s modern rap scene we have seen a shift from the genre’s focal point shifting from being driven by lyricism, to a world of rap powered by beats and the general energy emitted by the MC. This has birthed careers of producers like Pi’erre Bourne, Metro Boomin, and Maaly Raw, but these producers all too often fail to reap the recognition and benefits that the often less talented rappers garner. Producers like Pi’erre and Ronny J have attempted to grab some of the success that their beats have given other artists and birth solo lyrical careers overtop their masterpieces.

This is no different for one of Nashville’s most talented producers. FXNESSE is a master of trap beats, and his beat tag is interwoven into the tracklists of the underground’s heaviest hitters. After working with Atlanta juggernauts like ATL Smook, Yung Bans, and Thouxanban Fauni, FXNESSE met tremendous success by producing standards, but decided to add to his already illustrious musical resume and begin to rap himself.

I had the distinct pleasure to talk with FXNESSE about his career.

Music City Underground: How did you start producing?

FXNESSE2X:  I started off my iPod Touch in like 8th grade. An old friend of mine said it was passcode locked and if I unlocked it I could keep it, so I did. I always had an interest in music since I was really young, but I didn’t find what that interest was until around that time. I used to put different beats to another songs lyrics a lot, and I would add different sounds or a snare here and there all, in my head. Then eventually I got a laptop like the next years Christmas when I was a freshman then boom started producing seriously not too soon after.

Music City Underground: Why did you shift into the rapping lane?

FXNESSE2X: Really I always wanted to rap. If you really know me you know my favorite thing to do while we chill or smoke or whatever is to freestyle. We’ve been doing that for years now. Over time I felt like I started to get decent with it so I just said fuck it. One day I got up and bought my speakers, about 2 weeks later I got up and bought a mic and the rest is history.

Music City Underground: What are your favorite songs you have produced?

FXNESSE2X: Man I can’t even choose. I’d say my top songs in my opinion though ( in no order)

– ATL SMOOK – No Time
– Unotheactivist – hate on me
– bbygoyard – the girl with the rose tattoo
– grownboi trap and dsavage – lit
– bukusteez ft 404astro – too much
Music City Underground: Who is your favorite artist you have worked with?
FXNESSE2X: Definitely Unotheactivist. While we don’t necessarily have a “friend” relationship and more of a strictly work relationship, he’s always been one of my favorite rappers along with fauni. Sahbabii too. All of them really did my shit justice.
Music City Underground: How do you balance being both a rapper and producer?
FXNESSE2X:  Honestly man I don’t know. I just wing shit. Right now I have no plan set in place while doing both. How I feel is I got some momentum as a producer, so rapping a got a little head start already. Then I think I make some damn good music, so I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing and seen where it leads me. I just got put some money behind myself at some point.
Music City Underground: What’s next for you?
FXNESSE2X:  You can expect a lot of new music from me, as a rapper and producer. Im always up to something. 2018 especially I will be back on my producer grind heavy again, right now I want to focus on rap so I can come back in fresh. Who knows I may drop a mixtape sometime next year. Who knows? Time will tell.

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