One Year of Music City Underground. One Year of Great Music.

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It has been almost one year since I started Music City Underground, and I am amazed at how fast it has gone by. I have listened to some amazing Nashville songs, and some not so amazing ones. Here’s a collection of some of my favorites I have listened to over the last twelve months. Every single one of these songs evokes a particular memory, or brings about an unmistakable vibe that only great music can produce. I love every one of these songs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Numb (prod. FXNESSE)- bukuSteez

Gunnin’ feat. Yung Bans- bukuSteez

Top Chef (prod. Topper Atwood)- bukuSteez

CATCHMEIFUCAN feat. Nessly (prod. Topper Atwood)- bukuSteez

F I G U R E S feat. bukuSteez- Terrence615

Eddy, I Do. feat. Johnny Phrank and Alocodaman- Eddy Niz

Cameras feat. Jdoughblay- Eddy Niz

Starter Kit (prod. Topper Atwood)- Eddy Niz

Stove feat. Yung Bans (prod DJYoungKash)- Jdoughblay

No Gossip (prod. Unhappy Hank)- Walt Flames

Bout My (prod. Joe Dirt)- Walt Flames

Team Rocket (prod. Joe Dirt)- Walt Flames

BAMBOO (prod. Evan G)- Virgo Youth

Know Somebody (prod. Evan G)- Virgo Youth

Black Hearse (prod. Kaskey)- Virgo Youth

Lover- Rocky Block

16 (prod. ParkAve)- Brown

Newport- Brown

West End- Nephw

Eastside Wayz- Scotty Rockwell and Skip Fearless

Exotic feat. Starlito- Lil Baby

Black John Stockton- Starlito

PK Subban- Starlito

Free Love- Mike Floss

Firepower- Mike Floss

Hell feat. Rolan Hills- Ronin Black

IDK (prod. Joe Dirt)- Tip$y

Crazy- Tre Stoner

Flames in Music City- Tre Stoner

XXX- Park Mobb

Mobb Problem- Park Mobb

Drug Addict- Fredo Ruthless

100 Shots- Fredo Ruthless

Goin’ Str8 In- 100k Tucc

Tempt- Kiya Lacey and Shmuck the Loyal

Painkilla- Vann


If you produced, or were featured, on any of these songs and were not noted, please let me know so I can change that as soon as possible. Thanks!

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