Park Mobb- “O” EP REVIEW

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I don’t know how to pack this statement with my usual eloquent bullshit, so I am just gonna say it. Park Mobb is the most underrated rap group in America. They told me about their new project, and I went into my first listen with quite low expectations, but goddamn it they blew me the fuck away.

I am still in awe of this project.

None of these artists would ever launch huge solo careers, but you could not find three people who complement each other better musically. The project reminds me in many ways of Injury Reserve’s “Drive it like its Stolen,” that came out last year. Consisting of the quartet of Gee, Mikey, Matt West, and LilKid, Park Mobb is largely unpolished, and you can tell that they are self taught musicians. There is a distinct chemistry that the four possess and their styles would seem to clash on paper, but the difference in flow and cadence work perfectly over any beat, and the tape never gets boring, as voices and melodies change every ten bars or so.

Coming from Bowling Green, KY, in a region of the town they coined as “The O,” the tape is very much a group of brothers challenging and praising each other and the bond they built coming up together. 

Several songs impressed me, and I have been replaying them consistently ever since, which is rare for most songs that are submitted to me. Beat changes are no problem for the Mobb, and each artist is equipped with a different skillset that can attack any rhythm from any angle. Their hooks are surprisingly wonderful or such a seemingly insignificant group. Gee in particular is a master of autotune, and his harmonies on the choruses are simply delightful.

Much of the project’s theme, as well as their comments, are centered around their disdain for how slept on they are in their own city. That should end now. 

A few songs particularly stuck with me. “Mobb Fly,” had a wonderful hook, almost similar to the hooks of Baltimore rap clique the Creek Boys who employ a “trap choir” style that uses autotune and several different members harmonizing around a central hook. This song is delightfully upbeat and an all around feel good song. “Mobb Problem” had one of the most unique hooks I have heard in all of my time evaluating music. It is eerily reminiscent of Death Grips for the first half, and then Gee offers a perfectly auto-tuned refrain, that flows straight into a slower verse filled with hard-delivered punchlines. These songs were fantastic, but “XXX,” is the crown jewel of this project. I had legitimate goosebumps listening to this joint. The beat was perfect and very soulful, and as usual, the Mobb used their contrasting styles to abuse this track, no pun intended. The hook was an organic melodic masterpiece and contrasted with the verses beautifully.


Park Mobb has my stamp of approval, and should have yours too. This project is filled with flaws and areas for improvement, but shows unlimited potential and near mastery in certain areas. Legitimately, this was the best group album I have ever heard from this area. I highly suggest giving this project a listen. Park Mobb will be around for a long time if they keep this quality music up. I am thoroughly impressed and sincerely a fan of the Mobb because of this tape.

Listen to “O” here:

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