Yung Goblin’s “laughing to the bank,” is an autotune delight. Listen Here.

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Yung Goblin is surprisingly one of the breakout artists in the city this year. Goblin is but a high school senior, and has built up a major cult following of other adolescents, and amassed tremendous online streaming numbers, with songs “Yochboy,” and “U Ain Nun,” gathering tens of thousands of listens.

The ear of the underground masses grew very tired of the same typical drum kit sounds, and was even more fed up by traditional instruments producing the same boring sounds, so new experimental voice patterns and non-traditional sounds and drums began to be tinkered with, and eventually became the standard.

Rappers discovered autotune and ran with it, and artists like Pollàri and Ron$oCold have turned it into a career. It is an easy way to make a song sound better than it would in your normal cadence or tone, but it is a very difficult concept to master. Goblin will fall into this category at the rate he is working. His tracks are melodic and spacey, and very easy to listen to. But see for yourself. I legitimately think Yung Goblin can be a star, and I say that about very few Nashville artists. I will be doing a full piece and interview on him in the coming weeks, but for now, I would suggest you get familiar.

Listen to “laughing to the bank,” here:

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